High quality laptop computers are essentially needed when we talk about events like training and seminars. Most of the time, when there is a new software, training and familiarization of the software usage must be taught to user. That is the time that a good laptops are needed.

Dondee’s Audio Visual Trading & Services  fulfills the need of a reliable, stable and high quality laptops. We rent out identical laptops that can be used on events, training and seminars. Our laptops are well maintained, updated and running with the latest Operating System and Software.

Laptop Rental Philippines 10

Our laptops are mostly used for software training like Microsoft Excel and other programs. Companies are also using our computers on their daily task in their office. Some clients use our laptops for their events registration and data gathering. Here is one event that we provided the laptops for their registration area:

laptop rental events training seminars

This client got a software launching event and they used our laptop to showcase the new features and capability:

laptop rental events training seminars


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Dondee’s Audio Visual Services provides high quality identical laptops that can be used on any events and functions. We have high quality laptops that can be rented on daily, weekly and monthly rental periods. For more information about our service, please contact the following:

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