Mega Tent Event Laptop Rental

Mega Tent Event Laptop Rental

During an event at Mega Tent in E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City, Dondee’s provided quantity 20 identical laptops that was used for their registration and administration task. The client primarily needed the laptops with the Microsoft Excel Program installed on each unit.

Dondee’s Laptops are checked and evaluated before deploying on our scheduled events and clients. The technical team at Dondee’s make sure that all laptops are installed with the latest Microsoft Office so that each client could enjoy the software on their task and doings.

Just like on this event at Mega Tent, all laptops are running with the latest Microsoft Office. Aside from the Office application, the laptops are also loaded with utility softwares like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, and many others. All laptops are also WiFi and LAN ready.

If you also need several and identical laptops, please contact us. We have high quality laptops to offer for you.


Mega Tent Event
E. Rodriguez Avenue Quezon City